Who I am and Why I’m Here

They say, and I believe them because they rarely lead me astray, that authors nowadays need a platform to reach readers. Certainly the new ones, of which I am one, could benefit in an effort to find their audience, but there are larger advantages.

While I am not putting myself in the same category as the following, what if Twain, Shakespeare, and Homer had written blogs? The authors would profit from the increased publicity, obviously, but the public itself would gain from the insight into the literary process. The finished work is just the final output of its evolution. A blog allows the author to share some of the transitional fossils, enabling his or her audience to share in the creation.

You’ll discover pretty quickly that I am not a classically trained author. I’ve learned a great deal since I jumped into it. So much in fact that my first finished novel is sitting on a shelf for now, because the writing at the beginning is of a much lower caliber than at the end. What I know of story comes from decades of reading and watching movies. On the other hand, what I know of realistic character behavior comes from a doctorate in Social Psychology.

Sharing my creative process is the main but not only goal of this site. I’ll be discussing my experiences along the path of self-publishing to educate and encourage. Hopefully, I’ll be also be writing about movie deals and lunches with publishers frantic to scoop me into their stables, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

So welcome to my long, happy ride to fame and fortune (optimism is important). Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, and subscribe to my feed.

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