Bad Habits

Bad Habits cover webAlone in her cell in a cloistered convent in rural France, Sister Julia Anusim seeks penance for the sins of her past. When a voice in the dark tells her that a rogue US agent has joined with an ancient evil, she jumps at the chance to wash some of the blood from her hands.

Now she must travel to the United States to find Psychology Professor Gordon Jameson. She is certain he has the army she needs to save the world. But the group she finds is made up of the least likely holy warriors she could imagine. Threatened by a secret government agency, an ancient order that wants to take over, and the team who just might think she’s insane, the nun and the professor must work together to stop the evil waiting to be unleashed by the beast entombed under the hill.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Bad Habits is my first self-published book, which will be fairly obvious until I have a second one. You can buy it in the usual places in the usual formats.

The seed behind this book was an idea I had to pair an overwhelmingly good protagonist with an entirely evil one with the latter insisting on the right to kill the former at the end in return for their assistance. That led to several discussions online and off as to the nature of evil in humans in general. The predominant method of writing someone off as evil is to refer to them as a psychopath. This actually makes the discussion more difficult.

If you are evil, do you have the ability to choose to not be evil? Are acts of good in any way rewarding to you?

Conversely, if you’re good, do you have the ability to choose not to be good? You might say yes if you think you’re a good person, but don’t we define goodness as always doing good. It’s the consistency we use to create the category.

Which brings us to the characters in the book. What if you could take away people’s ability to do bad things? Would you do it? Do you have the certainty to force your moral code on the world? Edgar Hollow does, and Edgar Hollow has the means to make you behave. At least he will soon.

How do you stop someone with the ability to take over someone’s conscience? By finding allies without one.

In writing Bad Habits I took the advice of several books on writing and created back stories for each of the main characters. Presented below are those of the ‘Apostles.’ If you haven’t read the book, the names are code names for some of the characters.

James Alphaeus
James and John
Phil and Barty

And now you can read a short story with more of Phil and Barty’s  wacky antics.

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