The Dead Tree Strolls

As I mentioned before in this post, I love visiting libraries. Aside from the fact that their mission is to improve the lives of anyone who walks in their doors, the sheer variety of public libraries, from the massive edifices of NYC to the blink and you could miss the small town cubby holes, makes pulling off the road when I see the familiar library marker a treat. It’s been enough of a treat that I’ve decided to make it a goal. It’ll take me a while, but I’ve decided to visit every Public and Association library in the state.

So what are the rules? For my first go-around, I will only visit one branch of any particular library. The city of Albany, for example, has seven branches including its main. The NY Public library has 92. I want to get this done before I die. There are 756 public and association libraries in the state. The differences between the types of libraries are discussed by the State Division of Library Development here.

Second, pics or it didn’t happen. I will post pictures of each library on my Instagram account for your pleasure.

Third, no more rules.

On this page is my list of libraries, when I visited, and the Instagram link. The link in the name of the library will take you to their website. I’m currently up to 76 (officially), having traveled over 2,700 miles.