What Would You Pull Over For?

When I was a kid, somewhere between 8 and 12 I'd guess, I had considered becoming a librarian. One day, my father, who worked for the state, brought home a civil service description of the position of Head Librarian for the State Library. I looked at the salary of what was probably the highest paid … Continue reading What Would You Pull Over For?


Thank You Canada

As a self-published writer who hasn't, until recently, ramped up my social media marketing efforts, I have fairly low levels of traffic on this site. As a result, the site stats tell me more about individual visitors than if they were lost in a crowd. Today I had one visitor, from Canada, who went through … Continue reading Thank You Canada

New Short Story

Feel free to take a look at a new short story I just finished about Phil and Barty, two characters from my novel Bad Habits, which, if you got any Amazon gift cards for any recent holidays, is available as an e-book for just $.99.